Over the course of 2019, Napag Trading and Francesco Mazzagatti as CEO, featured in a series of articles aimed at a lawyer, Piero Amara. Amara was testifying against ENI in two large corruption cases and had previously acted as an oil and gas legal adviser to Napag Trading. In response to the newspaper stories, Napag Trading, which is registered in London, retained the law firm Carter Ruck. They issued proceedings in the High Court in London against the most malicious articles and approached every outlet that published or republished the unfounded accusations. The proceedings for libel and defamation against the two main Italian publications are on-going and judgment against the newspapers is expected by May. Five other publications have either removed the libellous material or printed a statement from Napag Trading stating the true facts alongside the original article or an edited version of it. The legal team at Carter Ruck has also applied to Google to have the malicious material removed from search results.

For further information contact Nigel.Tait@carterruck.com