We started focusing on sourcing, supplying and marketing crude oil and other refined petroleum products.

Today, we are diversifying into petrochemical products in those specific markets where we have experience and knowledge enough to provide a value-added service to our customers.

To better serve our customers we extend the Napag Group’s coverage with the foundation of three companies: Napag Trading Limited (UK), Napag Italia Srl (Italy), Napag Middle East FZCO (UAE).

Our activities

Our main activities are focused on the trading of petroleum products and petrochemical products. However, since we are constantly oriented to improve the customer service we strive for enhance our experience in the transport and logistics sectors. In this regard, we can take advantage of precious collaborations we already had with this sector.

Sales Department

The sales department can rely on important collaborations with international producers of raw materials, which are mainly from Middle East. Our intention is to continue reinforcing our presence in these areas by increasing our network and also by expanding the business into new raw materials markets. We seek to develop and improve the customer service so to augment the benefit for clients. Our policy, indeed, aims to solve any specific problem and to meet any request coming from the customer. For instance:

  • Development of global marketing strategies with producers who are starting new projects and prefer to focus on local markets;
  • Management of warehouse on the part of producers taking the responsibility to ensure the correct stock levels;
  • Cost-effective evaluation for customers who need to decide between the construction of storage facilities or the availability of infrastructures for the immediate good delivery;
  • Provide the needed transport service that allows the customer to reach those markets that would be otherwise inaccessible. 


We firmly believe in the importance of collaborations and business partnerships. We have made a number of partnerships over last years, particularly with the energy markets. Moreover, the team Napag relies on local experts who belong mainly to energetic, commercial and financial sectors.

Our values

In Napag we believe it is important to share basic values ​​that determine our way of thinking and acting. We are aware that these values ​​improve our place of work and help us to provide a better service outside. 

Future growth and profitability

We aim to provide the highest quality service and products in the industries we operate in. Therefore, we strive for continuous improvement throughout the organization, driven by a desire to learn. Our business models are long term, with a focus on operational and customer service excellence.


Since our priority is to build quality long-term relationships, we need our clients to feel confortable and particularly confident in our activities.


We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.


We are aware that a solid success will require the commitment and the coordinated effort of the entire team.