Welcome to Napag

We started focusing on sourcing, supplying and marketing crude oil and other refined petroleum products.

Today, we are diversifying into petrochemical products in those specific markets where we have experience and knowledge enough to provide a value-added service to our customers.

In Napag we believe it is important to share basic values that determine our way of thinking and acting. We are aware that these values improve our place of work and help us to provide a better service outside. 

On our core values we build our future.

We aim to provide the highest quality service and products in the industries we operate in. We strive for continuous improvement throughout the organisation, driven by a desire to learn.

Our business models are long term, with a focus on operational and customer service excellence.

“Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it and doing it”

Petroleum Products

Napag Prodotti Petro

Since its inception, crude oil trading has been the Napag’ s main activity.
Today, we are experienced in different petroleum products that include gasoline, middle distillates, naphtha and fuel oil.
Below, the list of the main petroleum products ...

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Petrochemical Products

Napag Petrolchimica

In Napag we are diversifying into sourcing, supplying and marketing of petrochemical products in those specific markets where we have experience and enough knowledge to provide a value-added service to our customers. We aim to provide a satisfying customer service, which often includes ...

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Transport and Logistics

Logistica Trasporti
In Napag we seek to provide the transport and logistic services that our customers need. Our goal is to bring a solution even before the problem comes out.
Since we operate in the service industry, we are fully aware that in order to provide our customers with a cost effective and efficient service we have ...

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Risk Management

Managing price risk and other potential risks, including credit, performance and FX risk is of extreme importance in Napag. We are committed to provide the tailored risk management solutions in order to limit or remove the customer exposure to price volatility in the most cost-effective manner ...

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